Clear acrylic

Tried out various styles of cards on different materials.  Here are 6 different styles on clear acrylic.

  • Left side, top card, its the same design as earlier for the business card.
  • Left side, middle card, same as the left side, top card except its more spread out.  Less crowded.
  • Left side, bottom card, more traditional card, elements are right centered with QR code.
  • Right side, top card, left centered.  Left out my name, seemed redundant.
  • Right side, middle card, the QR code dominates this card.  I’m not sure I liked the right justify of the title then later a left justify of the phone number.
  • Right side, bottom card, a left justified QR code but almost everything else on this card is right justified.  Similar to the Left side, bottom card.  But there is more space in-between the various elements.

Unfortunately, using the clear acrylic makes it impossible to scan the QR code.  So for business cards, these make interesting failures.

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