Two illustrations from “Ein moderner Totentanz”

I’ve been experimenting with importing pictures for a while and found some great ones in “Ein moderner Totentanz : dreiundzwanzig Blätter aus dem Bilderbuch des Todes”  (A modern dance of death: twenty-three leaves from the picture book of death) with llustrations provided by Professor Tobias Weiss.

There is an art to importing graphics.  I’m not sure if I have it yet. (Laugh)  Picking a good illustration to import is a fine art, the image has to have a level of detail that will stand out on the acrylic but not be too detailed to be unrecognizable.   Looking at the two illustrations I had laser cut, it seems that the Illustration II worked out well, while Illustration X did not.  I was hoping that Ill X would have turned out better (shrug) but you never know how the final design is going to look until its cut.

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