Laser cut photography box part two

Made another photography box from Melamine finished MDF.  The first one I made (here) looks great but in actual use is too small.  After hanging lights around the edges, I didn’t feel I had enough elbow room to arrange the objects.  There wasn’t enough vertical room to get a good photo of larger objects.  The V1 box is about ~14.5 inches cubed.

The largest size material that Ponoko has is P3 (31.5 in X 15.1 in) which means if I wanted a larger box, I have to break up each side to fit inside 15.1 inches.   Using the “Tabbed Box Maker” plug-in for Inkscape again, I made a larger laser cut photography box which was ~19.5 in X 17.5 in X 17.5 in.

Assembling each side from separate parts was … interesting.  (Painful!)   The trick is to break up each side into two separate pieces, one that came in under 15.1 inches to max the usage of the P3 size.  Had to clone a side, adjust it so they would max out the P3 material, separate and copy the overhang into new files.  Final design had five partial sides and two extra files with the accumulated overhang.  Once you get that back from being laser cut, nothing but glue, glue and glue.  If I cut this design again, I’ll have to add reference marks to make sure I can align each overhang with a side.

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