Scarlet Letter Pendants in Three Colors

I was interested in creating Scarlet Letter pendants using the fancy letter “A” from “The History Of Mourning“.  So I edited the design to remove the letter from its background and created this design:

Four different styles: Outline (3 sizes of this), Square, Parallelogram, and Circle.   Two different sizes of ~1 in and ~2 inch square.  All of them cut from 5.6 mm acrylic.

The black looks fantastic, I’m very pleased with how the design looks on that material, the clear looks good, and then there is red.  This color makes the design look cartoon-ish which is not the look I was hoping for.

Another issue with the design is that the holes cut for the necklace were too small.  I made them 1 mm with a 1.5 mm circlet on some designs.  That was too small for this material and some of them melted down and some were warped.

So I’ve redesigned the necklace holes to be larger and I’m having the design recut on the red-tint material.  I’ll make a follow up post with the results.

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