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Death Before Decaf!

I’ve recently been working with Autodesk Inventor, it’s a professional 3D CAD program that exports to STL files.  To help me learn to use the program, I designed a coffee cup and had it 3D printed in “Glazed Ceramic – … Continue reading

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The Vast Wasteland

I’ve been experimenting with making multi-layer laser cut photo frames, here is a design I made in the shape of a TV.  It was a *pain in the rump to assemble, but it turned out well.  Made in five layers … Continue reading

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Updated Scarlet Letter Pendants in Red Tint

Updated the Scarlet Letter Pendants from previous.  Updated to use a larger necklace hole from 1 mm to 2 mm size.  Updated some designs to have the necklace hole inside the design instead of on the edge.  Laser cut in … Continue reading

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Inkscape and the “Somethings Up” uploading error

One of the major issues I’ve found when working with Inkscape is after converting text to paths, it will leave some empty paths in the design.  This shows up when you upload the offending SVG file to Ponoko and then … Continue reading

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