READ MORE bling ring

Bling, Bling, BLING!  Created READ MORE bling rings using Autodesk Inventor and had them printed in Stainless Steel at Shapeways.  Thank you Shapeways!  The rings turned out great.  Finished them with polyclay, bake, sand and polish.

Check it out:

Some observations/issues:

1) HEAVY!  The rings are made from stainless steel and bit heavy.  The base is 3mm thick, with a 3mm raised lettering and edges.  If I revisit this design, I’ll make the base ~2mm and the letters ~1mm.  That should shave some weight/cost.

2) Ring bands feel too thin.  Wearing the rings, there isn’t a good solid feel, due to its weight and the thin ring bands, they wobble on the fingers.   I’ll remake the design to have wider ring bands to improve the feel and grip.

3) Polyclay gaps.  Due to the 3mm depth of the letters, I thought I added enough but … after baking, sanding and polishing, I found small gaps between the polyclay and letters.  Making the letters 1mm will go a long way to addressing this and paying more attention to getting the clay around the letters before filling in the design will help.

4) Some of the “MORE” letters are too close to the frame.  Looking at the ring, you can see that there is not much space between the “M” and the edge of the ring.  The “E” was too close and part of it merged.  I’ll have to review the design to see the “MORE” letters are larger than the “READ” letters.

Overall, this was a great project!  It feels great to hold a design you created in your hand AND tout my nerd cred at the same time.  Win, WIN!

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