Take Two for Happiness

Full color sandstone is one of the more interesting materials to work with.  Make a design, color it, make it using Shapeways and it arrives at the front door almost by magic.  If you can design it you can make it.  As an experiment I created some BLISS Pill rings.  They turned out quite well:

I like the look of the smaller BLISS Ring.  Its quite light compared to the large ring.  The pill is parallel to the finger which is not as appealing as I assumed it would be.  I’ll have to create a perpendicular version to see which one is better.  The sandstone material is gritty so I made ring over-sized, but unfortunately I made it too large.  There is too much play and they both slips on the finger.  I’ll correct that in my next version.

What an interesting experiment!  (Laugh)  Try and try again is my motto!  Lucky for me the full color sandstone is an inexpensive material to make things with.  I’ll be sure to make another post with the updated version.

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