Up-Updated Walter Draesner “Ein Totentanz” Papercuts

Updated the updated … ah updates to the Walter Draesner  “Ein Totentanz” papercuts.  I added the vector outline back and re-cut it on 9mm clear acrylic:

Its the waiting thats a killer for this project.  (Laugh)  It takes about two weeks to get a laser cut project back from Ponoko.  So these two updates amount to at least a month of time not including the updates/redesigns to the artwork.  (shrug)  Its both exciting and disappointing to see something you spent time and effort into come back with issues.  But, in this update, the I feel the vector line really improved the design.  Without the vector, the graphics were fuzzy which isn’t appealing.   The extra definition with the line helped to make the design pop.  It feels good to get something back that looks great.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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