Thin business cards aren’t always perfect

Found a new producer for my full color sandstone designs.  Check out 3D Figureworks, they do great work and if you live in IL the turnaround time is excellent.

I had them print a thinner version of my full color sandstone business card.  I altered the design to be 2mm thick and reduced the cost by adding a 1mm hexagon cut pattern onto the back.  Check it out:

Unfortunately these design changes made the card warp when manufactured.  (Queue sad trombone sound here.)  Too bad!  (Laugh)   Even with the warping, the cards turned out great and I learned a lot about the material.  The hexagon cut and the reduced thickness lowered the design’s volume by half over the previous version.  Another interesting thing is that the white full color sandstone material becomes translucent when it gets thinner.  I wouldn’t have expected that.  Gives me some ideas on back lighting a model to give it an interesting effect.

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