Boxes … now with CIRCLES!

More boxes, you ask?  Whats the deal with the boxes?  Even more boxes?  Yes, I say.  Yes, Yes, YES!  But these boxes are different, I swear!  (Laugh)  Updated to have circle hinges:

The hinge worked better than I thought.  The sides of the box are extended and the lid fits in between.  Open and close are smooth.  I designed the hinge so that the box lid will fit flush when closed and will extend out when open.

You can buy this design for different material thickness online at Ponoko:

3.0 mm  – Most of the Acrylic materials at Ponoko are available in 3.0 mm so there are lots of material choices.

4.5 mm – Acrylic 4.5 mm: Black, Clear, Grey Tint, Light Blue Tint, Opal, Red, Red Tint and White.

5.2 mmBirch Veneer Core is the only material available in 5.2 mm thickness.

5.6 mm – Acrylic colors in 5.6 mm thickness: Black, Clear, Light Blue Tint, Opal, Red, Red Tint and White.

5.7 mm – Veneer MDF: Cherry, Walnut and White Oak.

6.7 mm – Two kinds: Bamboo Amber 3Ply and Corrugated Cardboard Double Layer

You can see these designs and more on my shop at Ponoko here:  JRS Designs

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