Are you a Lebowski Achiever?

Don’t we wish we all were Lebowski Achievers.  Well, with a little mirrored acrylic we all can!  Check it:

As with all my projects, I have (many) issues with Version 1:

a) Mirror text “Are you a Lebowski Achiever?” is unreadable.  Bad decision to engrave the surrounding mirror material and leave the text.  I reversed this on version 2.

b) Angle of the “Are you a Lebowski Achiever” text looked wrong.  I changed it to be 45deg for a more pleasing look on version 2.

c) Red acrylic cut out was supposed to be seen through the mirror acrylic to make the “TIME” text look red.  Unfortunately, when assembled you can’t tell the background has any color.  (shrug)  Important note: Laser engraving the back side of mirror acrylic does not leave a clear surface but a cloudy one.  (Dang)  I left off the red acrylic insert on version 2.

As you can see by the pictures, version 2 came together much better.  The text is readable, the angle is right and I made the design larger to reduce wasted acyrlic.  Very happy with the result.  Now if I could only find a good rug to tie the room together.

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