Demonstration of Bad Spray Paint Skills

Full color sandstone is a great material to make things from.  It is made in full color so there is no step to add color, but the material is rough to the touch (they named it sandstone for a reason) and the material picks up dirt like a magnet.  If the object has white in it (and my objects often do) this dirt is obvious to see.  So in my quest for a perfect bling, I bought some clear-coat sealant and some clear gloss paint to try to address this:

Before I start into the discussion of the finish, let me state that the photographs aren’t the best.  I didn’t take them in a consistent way with the same angle.  The close ups don’t match very well to show the delta between each coat.  I missed pictures of the second sealant coat completely.

I’m using “Krylon Clear Sealer” for this.  The delta between the original and the fifth coat is dramatic.   The sealant wets down the sandstone to make the colors dimmer and more uniform:

Finish compare Original (left) and Fifth coat sealer (Right)

Original (left) vs Fifth sealant coat (right)

Used “Rust-oleum Ultra-coat – Gloss Clear”  and it just made it shiny.  (Laugh)  I guess I can’t ask for more than that:

Finish compare Original (left) and Second clear-coat (Right)

Original (left) vs Second clear-coat (Right)

As an aside, I have the WORST spray painting skills!  (Laugh)  I’ll never make it as a tagger.   I over-sprayed most coats.   I would say that the front coats looks good, but the back of the part shows inconsistencies where the excess pooled at the top and bottom.

An interesting experiment overall and as always I learned some things.  When I do this again, I plan on taking more photos using the same camera angles for each.  Better close ups at the same angle would work much better than what I have now.  Thinner paint layers but more of them will give a better result.  Finally, I’ll have to research my paints.  Maybe I can find a primer that would work in place of the sealant.

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