La Calavera Catrina Plaques

I have been experimenting with making plaques for awards or some such using 9mm acrylic so I did some experiments with my “La Calavera Catrina” by José Guadalupe Posada vector drawings.

Check it out:

Wow, what went wrong with this project? Oh, lots of things:


Missaligned tabs and slots I offset the tabs and slots on version one thinking that I could fit more of the graphic plaques on a sheet of acrylic. BUT I didn’t adjust the offset for the base in the same way. (Dang) The plaque is misaligned for version one. But fixed on version two.
Raster fill behind graphic I added a raster fill behind the La Calavera Catrina graphic which didn’t make the plaque look very good. It looks busy, removal of this on version two allowed both the graphic and the text to stand out.
Tabs were too short for version one The slots and tabs should match between the plaque and the base. For version one, I made them too short which really isn’t an issue but longer tabs help with assembly and strength when glued together. I fixed this on version two.

Plaque Delta

The difference between version one and version two is quite stark. The removal of the raster fill behind the graphic is responsible for most of this improvement. I used clear 9mm acrylic for this design, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be using this thickness for future designs. Its expensive to have laser cut and I’m not sure if it added to the design. Thinner acrylic would work just as well and be cheaper. Overall a good experience.

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