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BWSN Remote Temperature Sensors

New demo video, this one is about remote temperature sensors. Check it out: What’s great about this chapter is that you don’t need an arduino. All the remote sensors are using xbee’s and the control is coming from the Processing … Continue reading

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BWSN – Lighting Troubles

Finished “Chapter 4 – Romantic Lighting Sensor” of “Building Wireless Sensor Networks” Book.  Check out the hardware demo: This chapter introduces the XBee API mode which allows the Arduino to send commands over the wireless bridge to a remote XBee.  … Continue reading

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BWSN – Better Doorbells

Here is a circuit demo of the “Chapter 3 – Doorbell Project” with feedback: As I mentioned in the video, here is my code for sending data at the the button transitions instead of all the time when the switch … Continue reading

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The secret to my success is … exit holes.

One of the cool materials at Shapeways is Frosted Ultra Detail. This material prints in layers using a wax support material. If you design the model right some of the wax material can be trapped inside to make interesting effects. … Continue reading

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BWSN Troubles with Wireless

I bought Building Wireless Sensor Networks by Robert Faludi book and I’m trying to work my way through the examples. Which is easier said than done. (Laugh) With all projects, it helps if you plan out what your going to … Continue reading

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