BWSN Twitter Reader Demo

Video covering “Chapter 7 – Over the Borders” featuring a twitter reader and a mailbox web application:

The XIG Internet Gateway software is a very powerful tool.  With the help of the ConnectPort x2 it bridges the gap between the XBee nodes and the wider internet.  This allows items on the XBee network to upload data (using GET) and fetch from the internet.  Robert Faludi includes API info, arduino sketch and PHP examples on his website here.

Some comments on this project:

  • The twitter reader code has been updated from the book and the latest version (v1.06 seen in the video above) is available on the author’s website here.
  • The internet gateway software XIG python scripts loaded on the ConnectPort X2 can be downloaded from here.  I’m using the Ver1.5.1b19 beta software in the video demo.
  • The website demo I wrote uses two PHP files.  One is the main page where the user can submit a msg to be stored in the SQL database and another that the arduino fetches that pulls from the SQL database to be displayed on the LCD.
  • I didn’t find much information on how to connect the 10K trimpot but after some experimenting I realized that Pin 3 of the LCD should be attached to the middle pin and VCC to one outer pin and GND to the other outer pin.
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