Desktop Paperclip Caddy (Three Types)

I’ve done lots of work in 3D printing over the years and I found I needed something on my desk to hold SD cards, paperclips or other miscellaneous needed items that I have to have handy and need to put in one convenient place.

Behold!  Paperclip Caddies!

Each model took ~4 hours to extrude with my Prusa MK2, layer height of 0.2mm, infill 20%, no rafts or supports.  Printed with clear PLA material.

I’ve shared the designs on Thingiverse:

Feel free to download, 3d print and enjoy!

I designed all  three models using Autodesk Inventor.  All of them are in essence the same design.  The three bin model is the base for the entire design, to generate the two and one bin models in Autodesk Inventor the user only needs to delete the extra features.

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