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XBee and Sensor Printed Circuit Board

After finishing the Building Wireless Sensor Networks book, I have to look at the output of the circuits and realize that you cant deploy a solder-less breadboard. (Laugh) It doesn’t look very professional to ship someone a rats nest of … Continue reading

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BWSN Uploading to Xively

Here is the video for Chapter 8 “More to Love”. I was hoping to get the processing sketch to upload a week or two of sensor data until I made a post about it, but I kept running into issues. … Continue reading

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BWSN Twitter Reader Demo

Video covering “Chapter 7 – Over the Borders” featuring a twitter reader and a mailbox web application: The XIG Internet Gateway software is a very powerful tool.  With the help of the ConnectPort x2 it bridges the gap between the … Continue reading

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BWSN Powerswitch Tail Demo

New video, this covers “Chapter 6 – Sleeping, Then Changing the World” with Powerswitch Tails: This project was relatively easy. It built on the sensor boards constructed from “Chapter 5 – API and a Sensor Network”. The only change is … Continue reading

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BWSN Remote Temperature Sensors

New demo video, this one is about remote temperature sensors. Check it out: What’s great about this chapter is that you don’t need an arduino. All the remote sensors are using xbee’s and the control is coming from the Processing … Continue reading

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BWSN – Lighting Troubles

Finished “Chapter 4 – Romantic Lighting Sensor” of “Building Wireless Sensor Networks” Book.  Check out the hardware demo: This chapter introduces the XBee API mode which allows the Arduino to send commands over the wireless bridge to a remote XBee.  … Continue reading

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BWSN – Better Doorbells

Here is a circuit demo of the “Chapter 3 – Doorbell Project” with feedback: As I mentioned in the video, here is my code for sending data at the the button transitions instead of all the time when the switch … Continue reading

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